Celeriac – The Miracle Weight Loss Root

This is a picture of celeriac, also called celery root.Have you ever heard of celeriac? In my home country Germany, when the word “celery” is mentioned in a recipe, we go and buy celeriac, also called celery root.

It’s used in soups and stews, raw in salads and as part of what is known as “mirepoix” – a mix of vegetables that are chopped and used as a flavor base for a variety of dishes. It really isn’t the most beautiful of vegetables, often called the ugly duckling of the vegetable world. You have to cut off the thick skin quite generously to get to the hidden beauty, but boy, is it worth it! If you have set out to lose weight, this root is for you.

Good-Bye Potatoes…Hello Celeriac!

Say good-bye to potatoes and hello to celeriac. This wonderful root is low – I mean super low in calories, as it is only 5% starch by weight. One cup contains about 40 calories. Compare this to a cup of potatoes which gives you a whopping 120 calories. And in my opinion the flavor, a subtle blend of celery and parsley, is superior.

Celeriac can be prepared much like potatoes. You can mash it, boil it and fry it. Not that you really want to fry it, if you want to lose weight. But you get my point.

Fiber, fiber on the wall. Celeriac’s high fiber content makes it the fairest of them all. Eat your fair share of celery root and your bowel movements will be much more regular. So important for weight loss! Fiber also keeps your intestines clean and healthy, which makes the absorption of nutrients more efficient, which in return keeps your cravings at bay creating a win-win situation.

In with the good, out with the bad. Celeriac is packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s high in Vitamin C, K and B6, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper and Iron – lots of goodies under the ugly skin. What it doesn’t contain? Saturated fat and Cholesterol. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Satisfying healthy soul food. When the days and nights are getting colder I love to incorporate creamy, warming and grounding foods into my diet. Imagine my bliss when I encountered freshly harvested celeriac roots at my Farmers’ Market today. The root I purchased will be turned into Sellerie Puree, a recipe I brought with me from Germany. Cook it, taste it and tell me what you think. I hope it satisfies you as much as it satisfies me every time. Sellerie Puree or Celeriac Puree

Health Coach Padma O'MaraPadma O’Mara is the creator and owner of Rejuvenate and Replenish Health and Wellness Coaching. Her passion is it to empower, educate and coach her clients to lose weight naturally by focusing on real food and real health instead of counting calories and weighing in every day. Her fun and compassionate holistic approach includes personalized step-by-step food and lifestyle recommendations as well as stress management tools and a sacred space for her clients to talk and being listened to. She believes in positive thinking and the tremendous healing power of self-love. Padma offers her services in person, via phone, Skype and Face Time. To learn more about her approach and to schedule a free initial Rejuvenate and Replenish Strategy Session visit padmaomara.com or email her at padmaomarahhc@gmail.com.

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